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Where do I find my invoices

Find out how to access invoices and billing

You can have multiple teams, each with their own separate billing.


Step 1: Ensure you are on and logged in.

Step 2: On the home dashboard, select “Team Dashboard” in the bottom left corner. Select the team you want to manage.

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Step 3: Click on “Billing - Manage subscriptions & invoices” at the bottom of the page.

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Step 4: Mokkers payment Portal (”Stripe”) will open. Scroll to the very bottom to see the invoice history and download individual invoices.

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If you have charges but do not see any invoices, this can be caused by multiple things.

  • Check that you have the correct team selected.
  • Check that you are in the correct account. Maybe you accidentally created a second account with mokker, e.g. with Google Login? Check your email history if you are unsure.
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